Day 4 – Clinging On!


To start off our morning we had a delicious and stunning breakfast. We had cereal, bacon, toast, scrambled egg and potato waffles.

We made sure that we were waterproofed and prepared for a long day having fun. We scrambled and slid down to the cliffs. On our way we saw some big highland cows; apparently the cows can run around the field that we saw in 9 seconds flat so we had to be fast, quiet and careful! After Savage and Gethin set up the rock climbing for us, we all had a turn of tackling the wall. We spent the morning conquering fears and pushing ourselves to the limit whilst the waves were constantly splashing around us. It was important that we worked together as a team to help our friends climbing.

After we had our packed lunch on the rock, the instructor took us over to the blow hole where we had to abseil down into giants cave; this was one of the best experiences most of us had ever had. When we had abseiled down from the 40ft cave we had the whole beach to ourselves. We spent our time building sand castles and playing around the rock pools; it was really fun and the weather was surprisingly very nice. After we had all got down from abseiling we had to battle our way up the steep rocks where we finally managed to get back to where we had started off.

When we got back to the centre, yet again we had an unforgettable meal made by a world class chef. We had pizza or chicken curry. Everybody enjoyed our chill time eating sweets and getting a sugar rush. All our energy was exerted in the grounds, playing football and hide and seek. Then Savage told us to get our waterproofs and walking gear on…..and we were off again!!!

The instructors took us on a lovely little hike to the highest point in the Gower, we all enjoyed learning about the history of Worms Head and the best part was trying to walk back by torch light; it was bumpy to say the least!

After our delicious hot chocolate, cake and toast, the girls were working hard tidying their room while the boys were just chilling. Anyway, enough from us tonight, we made a promise to Miss Wooley and Mr Blake that we will go to bed earlier tonight. Promise broken! Looking forward to day 3!

Day 3/Day 1 – The Day of Two Halves!

The day we had long dreaded had finally arrived; it was leaving day! We packed our bags before having yet another enormous breakfast. It was agreed by us all that we should walk into Rhossili to spend some of our money. Despite being informed we could go via the main roads for a nice easy stroll, we ended up in very muddy puddles walking through farms and over mountains. We should have known Savage and Gethin would be as adventurous as ever! When we arrived at the front, we all bought our ice creams and goodies; they were delicious. We headed back to the Centre for our final lunch before departing. We are all very sad to be leaving Rhossili but we would like to thank Savage and Gethin for their fantastic help and support this week and for giving us the opportunity to experience some unbelievable activities. Rhossili it has been emotional!

Day One 

Our adventure began by walking the slippery path down to a set of small caves. There were two holes, a high one and a low one and both were extremely small. It was a simple activity, going through the top hole and out of the bottom but with a twist – literally! The passage way was jagged and twisted unexpectedly, not to mention that it was pitch black for most of the journey!  Peter (aka Savage!) was half way through the passageway taking pictures, although for some unfortunate children he would pull off their shoes and even tied one pair of shoes together. Then we did it backwards, through the bottom and out the top. Except this time, Savage wasn’t just pulling off our shoes but covering our faces in mud and flicking us with water before finally letting us continue through the cave.

Once we were back and dry Mr Blake introduced us to a new friend. His friend was Alexa, an Amazon Echo Dot device, which we used to play different songs in the lounge.

Next was a delicious dinner prepared by the cook – roast chicken, potato and peas or sweetcorn. But the teachers kept us busy by letting us, I mean made us, set out the tables and lay the cutlery and drinks. Desert was apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream and this was also scrumptious.

Orienteering was next on list, running around out in the rain in the dark. Using pieces of a map to navigate and torches to see what we were actually doing, we ran around in groups finding different letters across the centre grounds. It was not easy; the letters were extremely difficult to find as they were hidden but most of us had already guessed the word before we began. It’s a twelve letter word –can you guess it?

The winning group was Group One who beat Group Three by about 5 seconds. The other two groups arrived shortly after this and so altogether it was a tough competition. The winning group were later rewarded with having their hot chocolate and rice crispy cake prepared by the staff. Again, this was delicious and was an excellent treat.

So, have you guessed the solution to the Orienteering? Yes, the word was ‘orienteering’.

So this is our brilliant day – fun yet quite wet but we still enjoyed! We are definitely looking forward to another action packed day tomorrow!



Day 2 – Blow Me Down!


It all started on a warm but windy day when we went on an adventure. This morning we took a different route to our activities. En route, there were bulls as hairy as a lions mane, horses as tall as Mr Blake and lambs as cute as a new born baby. After a fairly long walk through fields and down rocky paths, we reached a cliff-edge with a small bay known as ‘Devils Truck’. The instructors set up their cables and asked us to put our harnesses on; this was the biggest challenge of our day! Eventually we were set up and ready to do some rock climbing! Everyone had a turn at climbing the rocks and some of us had the difficulty of guiding Mr. Blake to the top. The best thing about the climbing was descending down the wall but one particular pupil failed to realise that she hadn’t reached the floor and went crashing against the wall! Ouch! Some of the fearless children made it all the way to the top. One pupil said “It was harder than it looks but the feeling was great when we made it to the top, although a few creatures came along the way, including the skeleton of a crab and ear wigs; Ewwww.”

After our delightful lunch we moved onto our abseiling adventure. We actually abseiled down a massive 40 metre drop through a fully natural blow hole. Gethin, our instructor, helped to get us clipped in and we sat on Savage’s foot (Pete) as he clipped us into our harnesses. Next came the drop! This is what one of our pupils thought of it. “I was scared at first but I closed my eyes and before I knew it I was at the bottom. I also felt proud with myself about doing it because I faced my fear of heights.” We all agreed the adrenaline rush was unbelievable when we were on our way down. The view was pretty special too.  Afterwards we strolled back to the centre for a well-earned meal!

Soon after we had a different activity; it was orienteering in the pouring rain. There were four groups and we had to use small parts of the map of Rhossili Activity Centre to locate the hidden letters. In the end we discovered that the letters combined to spell the word ‘orienteering’. It was great fun despite us being soaked through to the skin. There was only one way to solve that problem; another hot chocolate. We finished the day off by sitting in a large circle together sharing stories and our favourite memories from our residential trip so far. We are now so tired, yet we are still having so much fun and it’s not over yet! Day 3 to come…bring it on!


Day 1 – Rhossili ‘Rocks’

When we reached Rhossili we were introduced to our enthusiastic instructors; Peter a.k.a
Savage and Gethin. After we had settled in we quickly got out our hiking boots, put them on and set off on our journey down the winding and rocky path towards Mewslade.

Finally, after observing the magnificent view, we arrived at a narrow and enclosed cave. We then put on our gear and started crawling curiously through the deep, dark and U-shaped cave. It was quite challenging as it was very dark, yet we found it very enjoyable to hear peoples voices echo as they fell into a rock pool at the back of the cave.


After we had made another long trek we found ourselves at Rhossili beach. That was when we found our next obstacle; a giant rock. We carefully climbed down the rock, only to be faced with our next challenge…hundreds more rocks! Feet were stuck and trousers were soaked until it got to the point where we almost had to leave our shoes behind. The instructors took us to a small cave, but first we had to work our way through water where we all got DRENCHED! On our way off the beach, the tide was coming in at a rapid pace and a few people at the back nearly got washed away.


When we arrived at the centre we had a rest and ate some food before we started our journey…again. This time we strolled up a steep hill and met a few wild horses on the way.  After a while we found a geocache hiding under a large bolder and it was explained to us how it’s used. This was really interesting! We eventually made it to the top of the hill and learnt about the history of Worm’s Head. Then a wind whipped up during our selfie time, causing a delay in selfies!

When we got back from the cold and windy hill we were soon given a boost in energy when Pete scared one pupil out of their wits. We ended our day with a delicious cup of hot chocolate made by our own pupils. Everyone is now in bed after chilling on the sofas tonight. Roll on day 2!!!

Llangrannog 2017: Dydd 3

Unfortunately the internet issues continued to haunt us, but it didn’t stop us doing as much as possible before we had to come home. We were lucky with the weather which made the ending of our adventure in Llangrannog even better.



‘Diolch’ to everyone at Llangrannog for all that they did to help us to have the time of our lives. During these last few days we have improved our Welsh, worked better as a team and done things that we thought we would never be able to do (including keeping our rooms tidy).

Roedd hi’n amser ansbaradigaethus-It was an awesome time!


Llangrannog 2017: Dydd 2

Many apologies for the lateness of these blogs. Unfortunately the internet went down in the middle of the day and it wasn’t seen again! However, we made some piccollages last night, which give a flavour of the things that we did.

We had a busy day with many activities, all with instructions in Welsh and then English. We all had to do things we weren’t entirely sure about, and for some it meant that we had to be very brave to give it a go.








What a busy day. Looking back it’s hard to believe we fitted all of this in and a pool party after supper. We all went to bed exhausted but happy!

Llangrannog 2017: Dydd 1 2017

Welcome to the Year 5 blog coming from our Residential in Llangrannog. We got here at about half past eleven after a long journey. The first thing we did was sort out our rooms, which are lovely. Shortly after that, we had some delicious food – ham, chips and chocolate cake. We used our Welsh to ask for what we wanted to eat from the canteen.


After food we went into our rooms to get changed for our first activities which were Skiing and High Ropes. We split into two groups for this.

Skiing was very fun. Not many of us have been skiing before so we had to learn how to put our boots on. That was surprisingly  hard. The skiing itself was also quite difficult but most of us were soon going down without falling over. Lots of the instructions were in Welsh, with also a lot of ‘pizza’ a ‘sglodion’ (the position the skis needed to be in to stop and to move!).


High Ropes
The High ropes were really exciting but really hard and scary for nearly all of the pupils and members of staff.   It took a lot of courage for some us to get around.

This evening, after food we have shop, dance and team games. After all of this, the teachers are hoping that we will be worn out and ready for sleep…